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Smart LifeBuoy Device

A compact wearable device that acts as a mini lifebuoy in drowning cases.

Both children and adults can use this device. In addition to releasing a small buoy for the drowning person to cling to, the device can also send an SOS signal to phones accounts.

Year: 2016

Role: UX Researcher, Model sketching, Material collector.‏

Research Summary

The WHO report indicates that drowning is the leading cause of death among children aged 5-14 years. Compared to poor and developing countries, this situation in Vietnam is the most alarming.

As a country with 3,260 km of coastline and countless rivers and lakes, Vietnam has yet to make swimming a compulsory curriculum in high school.

Asset 5.png

Rate of children dying from drowning compared to other causes (according to 2016 statistics - Ministry of Health)


Injury Accident


Asset 4.png

Age of death from drowning of children (according to 2016 statistics - Ministry of Health)

1 - 4 years old

4 - 15 years old

Over 15 years old

Research Competitors



Kingii is a wearable device with an integrated personal lifebuoy. The device consists of a CO2 compressed air tube and a folding float in the box; when activated, the air tube inflates the buoy, pulling the submerged person out of the water.

The product has been available since 2014 in California, USA.




My Buddy Tag helps parents keep track of their children's journey when they're not around. The outstanding feature of this device is the alarm system. When the device is submerged in water for 5 seconds continuously, the device will alert the phone through a built-in app, helping parents keep young children safe when playing in the pool.

Product made in the USA.

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