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VinFast App

The application is developed based on existing one of the Vietnamese markets. The application helps the owners of electric vehicles check vehicle status, plan a trip, and set up service schedules online.

The app aims to provide a seamless experience from the moment they decide to purchase the vehicle

Year: From 2020

Method: Agile, Scrumban

Design Principal

Familiar interface

Users should intuitively recognize the content on the smartphone is the same as device.
Important information should always be displayed in one screen.

Seamless integration

Interaction of projected content should be clear and clean.

Concise actions

Users can perform tasks quickly and with minimal interaction.
Device connection should be made effortless.


User Stories

Create user stories for the global market to ensure no user's needs are missing.



A large volume of wireframes has been released. That is the fastest way to present the UX idea to vendors and the developers' team.


Number of notifications

The first thing I do in this project is to optimize notifications. Build a Strategy, scan over and over contents, and consider how necessary they are. 
Too many notifications could be a reason for the customer to delete the app.



Researching the market, conducting workshops with the business owner, cooperating with vendors from the US... All for the final product.

dark theme

The app shows a unique brand identity in terms of font, brand color, and image arrangements. Combined with subtle and unobtrusive logo brand identification, moderation in identity usage provides the ultimate experience.

The application is intuitive, easy to navigate, easy to use, and focuses on content. Using the dark theme will give customers the impression of using fewer brand colors but more visually compelling.

font family

The font set selected as the main VinFast identification font displays well on electronic devices. Trendy font set, used for web and app systems, the font will be synchronized with the whole website and App. Give users a familiar and seamless experience.


color palette
future blue

As a mobile phone product, it will be used Digital colors according to the Branding Guideline released by VinFast and used for the identification system.







We use blue on a minimal background as an accent, creating a modern and professional look and feel. It would help make a first impression when logging into the application and conveying messages through images so that users can immediately know the work.

The images depict the main outstanding functions of the electric vehicle, such as remote control, maintenance scheduling, map search, and navigation.

The VinFast car image has a distinctive logo on the hood, immediately supporting the use of brand identity but still being subtle without having to show off the image on the introduction page.

All the illustrations follow the futuristic style. The dominant color is Future Blue - the VinFast identity branding color. It helps the user grasp the information quickly without re-reading the description.

Download the App

Learn more about the VinFast App on the Appstore and Google Play.

Only available for phone.

Appstore VF.png
VF google play.png
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