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VinFast Auto Website

The VinFast Auto website for the global market has been go-lived for a year. In this project, I am the designer in charge of the O2O (Online to Offline) feature. This feature allows the customer to configure the vehicle and make an order online 100%. It involves many systems such as salesforce, DMS, EMP, and account departments from different merchants of different countries. That's why it is a challenging project.

Year: From 2022

Method: Agile, Scrumban

Design Principal

Customer Friendly

The sitemap must be easy to navigate. Grouping items, making a smart category, and trying to shorten the steps are some of the many tasks we need to do.

Brand Identity

The VinFast logo is placed in a good position on a clean and transparent background. The color Future Blue reflects the brand. Use a consistent design style on the whole site.

Trust and Security

Order and Reservation is an e-commerce feature. It requires a secure environment when the user checks out a card. It must follow all the legal requirements and ensure it supports a wide range of devices.

light theme

VinFast produces many vehicle models in various colors. The light theme with white background and clean look will help highlight the vehicle's beauty.

Besides, the website includes so much information. The light theme with white space helps avoid the feeling of being overloaded with text and photos.

font family

The font set selected as the main VinFast identification font displays well on electronic devices.

Trendy font set, used for web and app systems, the font will be synchronized with the whole website and App. Give users a familiar and seamless experience.


color palette
future blue

As a mobile phone product, it will be used Digital colors according to the Branding Guideline released by VinFast and used for the identification system.







How we show it

Below is one of the hi-fi wireframes that we released to the team. It includes the entry point, standard flow, and error case.

The mission of UX design is to figure out and have solutions for all good and bad issues.

The UI design makes everything clear and has a good look and feel.

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